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Keyword Research Tool

Below is what the keyword search part of Jaaxy looks like. As you can see in the picture below that I searched the word jaaxy. I then get the following information:

Average – searches per month

Traffic– when you are on the first page

QSR – the number of websites in google that have this keyword

KQI – quality indicator – green is great, yellow is OK and red is poor

SEO – the higher the score the more likely you are search word will rank on the first page

Domain – this tells you what domain names are available that contain the keyword

jaaxy, keyword tool

The Jaaxy keyword research tool is the Worlds most advanced keyword tool.

When using the Jaaxy keyword tool it will produce the data you require within in seconds, and this database is growing daily with 100’s of millions of keywords.

Jaaxy is able to preform up to five searches at once with its great search function abilities.

The top 3 Search Engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing, Jaaxy pulls from these three search engines and will show where you keyword sits on all 3 search engines.

It would take hours of work to create what Jaaxy can find in seconds.

Having information on how many websites contain the keyword that has been searched and knowing how many monthly searches are being done, helps me to determine the title of my page. I use other keywords phrases that come up to put in the article being written as well.

Choosing a website name

Jaaxy is also a very great tool for coming up with a website name. If you know what you are niche is just type the word in the keyword search – or use a phase. Then click on the domain tab and a list of available domain names with that keyword will come up.

What to write about

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with something to write about…I have found using Jaaxys “Alphabet Soup” search tool can really come in handy for this.

Type you are keyword, website name or phrase into the Alphabet Soup search and a list will come up with you are keywords along with a – z words that match. This will give you all kinds of suggestions for writing articles.

Slide the bar on the top from a – z for a list of keywords. See the picture on the right side.

Site Ranking

This is a feature that Jaaxy has that I really like. The picture below shows what it looks like – I used the jaaxy.com website just to show how this works. So you type in you are keyword and you are website address. The search will tell you what position you are website is at for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you want to keep track of this keyword to see how it continues to preform, it can be tracked daily, twice a week, weekly, twice a month or monthly. I found this to be helpful as I’ve made small changes to web pages and watch to see if it helped increase the page positions.

Jaaxy is a great tool for keyword searches but it is much more than that.

Other features

Jaaxy is a great product for affilliate marketing, it was actually created by affilliate marketers which is why there are so many great features.

  • Type in a keyword and then search for an affilliate program based on that word or phrase
  • Use the Brainstorming search to find more keywords
  • Search Analysis – will search websites containing the keyword

So how much does it cost?

Try it today for free – get 30 free searches.  I used this feature to get started and was very pleased with it.

Jaaxy Trial – 20 free keyword searches

The keyword search lets you know how many times a month that word is being searched and how many websites that keyword is being used on.

Watch as pages go up in position with the top three search engines by tracking keywords and reviewing them periodically. Making a slight change to the wording or the keywords on a page can have positive effects to you are positioning among the search engines.

Jaaxy can not only help you find a website name, it can also tell you whether that domain name is available for use or not.

The Alphabet Soup search is a great way to come up with ideas to write new pages and discover great keywords.

As a person that uses Jaaxy on a regular basis.  I high recommend it.

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