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Writing Articles and using keyword searches

Choose the right keyword Get best keywords when writing your articles.  The right words and phrases will help to rank that article on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The right keywords will have your ranking on the top pages, but how do you know what the right keywords are?

It can be hard to know what works or terms will be the best for Google, things have changed in terms of search guidelines and behavior over the last few years.  Google uses your keywords to determine where to rank your content on its search engine.  It is important the your keywords are related to the content on your page.  Just popping in an unrelated keyword or phrase that ranks high on the scale will not get your site ranked.  Google frowns on this type of activity. Continue reading

Jobs after retirement

Jobs after retirement

Home Office, Office with a view
People often look forward to retirement for their entire lives. Unfortunately, when that time comes, many people find themselves feeling bored and aimless.

It can often take them back into the world of work because they miss having something to do.

Sometimes, people want to earn money to supplement their income after retirement at the same time as staying busy. The good news is that there is work available after retirement, if you want it. Continue reading

How to make money Online

Make Money Online

Making Money On-Line Free – Is that possible?

Yes it is, there are a few ways you can make money online for free. We will look at a few of these, one thing about trying to create an extra income online is that you can work from the comforts of your home while choosing the hours per day, week and month you would like to work. Continue reading