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About Me

About Tes

Hello Everyone, I am Tes and I am getting close to the retirement age.  Yes it sneaks up on us fast!

Over the years I have had several jobs two of those jobs would have left me with a decent pension had I stayed, but I was young and not thinking that far ahead and I’m sure there are many people who have done the same.

So the reason I have started this site is to help others in the same position as I am in.  Getting close to retirement and looking for a way to supplement that retirement income as well as supplying information on retirement.

My husband is still working, but getting close to retirement.

I quit my job to follow him as he was working out of town, but shortly after that that economy took a hit and we found we were both unemployed.

The retirement plan had certainly changed.  I then decided to work on my hobby and try and make some extra money at that, doing the Farmer’s markets, Craft Fairs and Christmas events.  It helped a bit, and soon my husband found work, but this new employment sent him away from home to places I could not travel with him.

Are plans sure changed!

The journey today

So that was a few years ago, my husband continues to work away from home and I have  a few part time jobs.

I have several clients that I do books for and work on my websites as well; this brings in a decent living.  I get a small pension from one of the companies I worked for, but it is not near enough to live on.

My husband is due to retire in the next few years, so I have been investing as much as I can into our retirement.  Stocks, Bonds, Tax Free Savings, and RRSP what ever I can.  I will share what I have learned and what I continue to learn.

I hope to help you and myself as well on this journey of creating an extra income while planning or being retired.

I am a person that likes to help others, so my goal is to help as many people as I can with the information they need when they retire as well as ways to help supplement that retirement income.




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